The tools you need to grow your membership base

ABC GymSales helps thousands of fitness operators capture, nurture, and convert leads. GymSales standardizes and centralizes communication with your leads.

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Accelerate your sales pipeline with GymSales



Collect leads from your website and a branded guest sign-in app



One tool for automated follow-ups, bulk campaigns, and 1:1 conversations



Pass leads to your MMS or add secondary sales to track seperately



Easily report on the performance of your team, campaigns, and more





Streamline how you capture leads

Build prospect profiles, assign salespeople, and add followup tasks so that your entire team always has the latest information on every lead

Collect leads from your website

Create a lead capture form using GymSales or connect your existing forms to our API

Multiple guest sign-in options

Deploy a branded iPad app or go touchless with a QR code to sign-in guests and submit waivers


Centralize your lead engagement

Easily engage leads at scale throughout the sales cycle. GymSales is the only product you need to engage with leads, from emails to SMS and phone calls.

Automated follow ups

Trigger automated messages based on events like a tour or after a certain amount of time has elapsed.

Easy bulk campaigns

Create campaigns for special events or to reengage dormant leads.

1:1 follow ups right from GymSales

Ensure easy lead handoff and prevent lead leakage by enabling your team to reply to SMS messages or call leads directly from GymSales. Automatically prompt contact throughout the sales cycle.


Convert leads to the next step

Keep the momentum rolling when a lead converts and ensure your team doesn’t have to duplicate data entry

Pass leads to your Member Management System

Connect GymSales to various MMS’ like Mindbody, ASF, or ABC’s own Ignite.

Create and track secondary sales

Add additional sales like personal training or childcare with their own automated items and follow up tasks.

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Optimize your sales performance

Track results, set goals, view your sales funnel, and ensure you always have a handle on your business.

Automated reports

Access reports on campaign performance, waiver compliance, daily activities, and more.

KPI tracking

Set custom sales targets for your company or individual sales people over various timeframes.

“GymSales has helped us identify and manage our sales teams key performance indicators, increase our conversion ratios and keep our membership consultants and sales teams accountable. Gymsales has also provided us with insight into areas of improvement for our entire group and is a platform I’d recommend if you are looking to keep track of your sales teams KPIs, and monitor performance across your network.”

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Kelly Lewis

World Gym

“Thanks to GymSales, we now communicate with leads efficiently and professionally. We track our sales performance accurately and identify areas for improvement that we wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. And because GymSales is a web-based system, we are able to respond to new enquiries from anywhere, at any time.”

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Danielle Cook

Fernwood Fitness